If you want to maximize your photography--stand out from the fray and make an impact, sharing your emotions in a way your viewers understand is the answer.
Photography is visual communication--pure and simple. It is governed by the same rules as all other understanding. 

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It's a wonderful world, if we choose to see it that way. My name is Elisabeth Haug and my mission is to share my magic moments. My purpose with this class is to present to you some of the photographic tips I have gleaned over the years.
A few of them are:
1.  They catch and keep the human eye--stand out, and have a "wow factor"
2. They create a connection to the viewer or a connection between two or more subjects in the photo.
3. They show and stir emotion.

4. They tell a clear, compelling story and have a strong point of interest
5. They  have an engaging point of view, dare to be different , and come from the heart.
6.  They lead the viewer's eyes effortlessly along a clear well defined "cookie crumb trail"  running through all the pertinent parts of the picture.
7. They normally respect the rule of thirds.
8. They maximize motion and synchronicity  and show clear body language.
9. They are free of clutter. All details-- not important to the story-- have been removed.

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