All Learning is the Direct Result of the Learnee seeing  something from a new point of view.
My name is Elisabeth Haug and my mission is to share my magic moments.
After I retired from breeding Icelandic Horses in 2002 my main media for doing so became photography.
At a photo critique at one of the first photo workshops I attended, my instructor smiled and said, "You have a talent for making your photos come alive."
I don't know if it was true, then, but I liked the idea and began focusing on that aspect of my picture taking.
As a result, it became a self fulfilling prophecy and today  the compliment I most often get is that my photos come alive and touch the viewer emotionally.
Whereas I no longer own any horses, I still have fun photographing them and feel my many years of observing them and riding them has given me an action photography advantage.
I live on the beautiful California Central Coast. The even, pleasant climate, the soft light the abundant wild life , the pleasant people and the gorgeous views makes the area a photographer's paradise.
That's one of the reasons an on site-workshop here will be one of my first post Covid on-site workshops. It will take place some time in 2024 and I promise it will be delightful.
We will visit wildlife and amazing places as well as do photo critiques and editing.
Check out the video to the left
It's from what seems like a former lifetime!
My Viking Saga Ranch herd--mares, youngsters, and geldings--needed to be wormed and are being called down from the mountains where they roamed  on a 1000 acres being bred in the old traditional Icelandic way.
I have always been a workshop enthusiast--gung ho to give them and to take them. As a result I worked on famous motivator--Tony Robbin's-- seminar support team for 7 years.
Over time, I had become a tad gimpy, but my recent knee replacement has put and end to that. Amazingly, I feel as good as new.
The focus of my workshops is to make them fun and enlightening as well enjoyable and instructive. 
Fun makes the world go around and inspires to to walk the extra mile.
In my spare time, I enjoy creating greeting cards. I sell them in stores and directly from my website. Contact me at for more info.
I also create, publish and sell color photo books that sell in book stores and on Amazon. They are available internationally but you can check out the US list on Amazon here.
The on-site workshop I am looking forward to the most, is the one I have planned in Iceland in late May or early June.
It will combine horse trekking (trail riding) with photo shooting and editing.
Visiting Iceland and spending time with its iconic horse is something anyone will always remember.

The price of this on site workshop--like all of my others-- will include  my online class about readying oneself ahead of time and saving valuable onsite shooting time by taking the appropriate preparation steps ahead of time.
My third on-site workshop will be on horse photography. Having spent most of my life with horses, I always enjoy photographing them.
Since one of the delightful things about horses is their movement, a large part of the focus of this workshop will be on the secrets to action photography.
Another of  its facets will be connection--the horse's connection to the viewer,  the bond between horses and the connection between horses and people.
Best of all, the Central Coast has any number of beautiful beaches where horses are allowed.
Here, once again our time will be divided between shooting, critiquing, and editing.

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