I am planning a combined photography and horse trekking tour in Iceland in the end of May or beginning of June 2024.
The tour will combine wonderful riding with a photography workshop.
Iceland is the land of the many horses as well as the land fire and ice.
 Horses  are everywhere--the country has more horses per capita than any other.
The horses were brought to the island more than a thousand years ago in open Viking boats and--because of a ban on the import of live animals--have remained purebred ever since.
Icelandic horses are short but stocky. They have a wonderful temperament, many colors, gorgeous manes and tails, and are amazingly surefooted with smooth, roomy action.
Riding and photographing the horses moving across the spectacular Icelandic landscape--often in the company of a herd of loose horses--is an unforgettable experience.
As a result, horse trekking has become on of Iceland's  major tourist attractions.
Perfect riding during our tour will be an integral part of the experience for those of the participants who want to do so , but the tour is also open to those who just want to photograph for instance those who don't ride themselves but are accompanying one or more riders.
The logistics of the tour are not finalized, yet. (I will let you know as soon as I know more--both on this website and personally, if you have inquired.
But what I can say is that the main focus of the event will be to maximize the fun, pleasure, and excitement of the participants.
Not only is the meant meant to be a treat for everyone who participates, but fun is also the most important ingredient in any endeavor.
Without having fun in the process every human will burn out and give up before reaching his/her highest possible pinnacle.he photography part  of the tour will be divided into shooting , critiquing, and editing--with editing scheduled primarily for the evenings and periods of rain.

Although there will be ample opportunity to photograph horses being ridden and to visit some of the incredible, near by tourist attractions,our main emphasis will be on the beauty of the  horses, themselves--running as a herd and interacting in the pasture.
Everyone participating in the photo class will be encouraged to dare to be different and come from their own heart when choosing their motifs and their points of view. 
It will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to personalize and upgrade their shooting and editing style along with incorporating current trends.
Most often on photo tours valuable shooting time is wasted getting into the flow of things
My online class about preparing for tours and important photo shoots is complimentary inclusion in the price of the workshop.

The price of this on site workshop--like all of my others-- will include  my online class about saving valuable onsite shooting time by taking the appropriate preparation steps ahead of time.
During the critiquing and editing sessions as well as in the shoots themselves, emphasis will be placed on:
1. Layout and cropping
2. Body language and synchronicity
3. Connection between picture and viewer
4. Strength of the photo's story
5. Purpose of the photo:  Internet--social media, websites, email, competition, printing, books...
Towards the end of the workshop, each participant will choose the images he or she will like to have included in a color coffee table book that will be printed and sold on Amazon. Creating it and learning how to do so with individual projects will then follow either as a part of the basic workshop or as an add on.
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And/or contact me at:
Elisabeth Haug ( 760)805-8651

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