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My name is Elisabeth Haug.  My favorite way of communicating  my emotions is through photography. I enjoy photographing almost everything but prefer people and animals.
I live in Los Osos--a small seaside village on the California Central Coast. It is a photographer's paradise.

People say I have a gift of making my images come alive.
The purpose of my new blog is to share my magic moments as well as some of my (hopefully) useful photo tips.
My hope is to encourage others to share theirs, too. 
We have gorgeous views of mountains as well as the Pacific. Plentiful and varied wildlife and a vast number of birds. Boats, surfers, state parks (including Hearst Castle) museums, universities, and wineries as well and other interesting agriculture

We live in a wonderful world, but unfortunately we are sometimes too busy solving problems to be aware of it.
Every bit of positive energy we each add to our lives makes our planet a better place for all of us. 

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