Action photography is creative, fun, invigorating, and a great learning experience.
Mastering action photography not only adds an additional string to your bow, but it also takes every other aspect of your photography to a new level.
It is unfortunate that many photographers give up on motion before they even get started or after the first unsuccessful attempts.
It is true that getting superior results take time, but then everything worth doing does. The trick is to make the learning process entertaining, and rewarding.
Add the changes digital photography and other modern technology has made to our success and our  opportunities and you will--if you play your cards right and use my suggested commonsense strategy--you will soon be on track.
Furthermore, action photography is by far the most eye catching photography genre. If you place two photographs side by side--one action and the other a still--the viewer’s eye will automatically go to the one with motion regardless of the quality of the individual images
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