Use common sense editing to create photographic impact and make YOUR pictures jump off the page.
Take YOUR photography to the next level! Join us at 451 Lancaster on Saturday, Aug. 5th. 2017 between 10 and 6. Embrace new points of view. Let go of doubt, confusion, and overwhelm and choose to view photo editing from a common sense point of view. The objective is to have fun while creating outstanding results.
Build confidence and create impact by creating a unique editing style that is fun for YOU and represents YOU and YOUR message. Choose software YOU enjoy and fits YOUR needs.
The length of the lunch hour will be decided by the participants. Come early and/or stay late if you want extra time to ensure that all of your questions are answered. 
The workshop is limited to 7 participants.  The price of the workshop is $75.00. Pay $100.00 for two if you bring a partner or a friend.  
The program is made up of discussions as well as hands on demonstrations. Bring your laptops and any photos you want to work on and/or share.
There is no "one size fits all" in photography. What YOU--the individual--can bring to the table--is YOUR voice: YOUR story; YOUR point of view; YOUR message; YOUR photographic eye.
The purpose of the workshop is to give YOU the opportunity to maximize YOUR photographic impact--to clarify what YOU want to achieve and to give you additional tools to simplify the process in the way you enjoy most.
Initial subjects to be discussed are how the human brain and eye sees. How to use emotion and action to maximize your impact. How to maximize YOUR voice and YOUR personal style. How to develop your photographic eye. Realizing the value of keeping things simple. Understanding point of interest, "cookie crumb trails" and blind alleys.
An other important thing to consider is what tools (software) are the best for YOU--the ones that feel intuitive to you and you enjoy using; the one that suits your budget and fits your voice, and your style.  
Once we have come so far, the momentum of the group will take over. There are millions of other useful subjects to discuss and often hearing someone else voice a concern makes us realize we it applies to us, too.
Most important about the workshop is that we all have fun. Without it, we lose the desire to walk the extra mile.
Call me at (760)805-8651 with any questions you have and to sign up. You can also fill in the form below or email directly.
Thank you!
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